About Allied Landscaping Corporation

Allied Landscaping Corporation is fully bonded and insured and has the technical ability, field experience, manpower, equipment, and performance standards to get the projects properly completed.

Allied Landscaping Corporation employs over 75 full-time professionals to ensure timely completion on all our projects throughout the Landscape Season. Our crews are fully unionized and dedicated professionals in their area of expertise. Our experienced crews work with many industrial, petroleum and chemical facilities and have been trained by some of the finest safety specialists in the industry.

Allied Landscaping Corporation owns every necessary piece of construction equipment to complete projects efficiently. All our equipment is color coordinated and in excellent condition. Our corporate headquarters is located on a forty-acre parcel with approximately 30,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. We also have over 100 acres of tree, shrub and perennial production fields growing, which allows us to use high quality plant material at the lowest possible cost to our clients.